Australia toshiba 15V 5A Adapter, TOSHIBA15V5A75W-6.0 x 3.0mm, all the 15V 5A toshiba Laptop ac power adapter, laptop charger are 30 Days Money Back, 1 year warranty in Australia

Australia TOSHIBA 15V 5A 75W Laptop ac adapter TOSHIBA15V5A75W-6.0 x 3.0mm
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TOSHIBA 15V 5A 75W AC Adapter

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Australia Toshiba Laptop AC Aapter 15V 5A 75W TOSHIBA15V5A75W-6.0 x 3.0mm

Australia Toshiba Laptop AC Aapter 15V 5A 75W  TOSHIBA15V5A75W-6.0 x 3.0mmToshiba Laptop AC Adapter / Laptop Charger / Laptop PSU

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  • Item Name: TOSHIBA15V5A75W-6.0 x 3.0mm
  • Adapter Input AC 100-240V (Worldwide Use)
  • Adapter Output Voltage: 15V
  • Adapter Output Current: 5A
  • Adapter Power: 75W
  • Adapter Plug Size: 6.0*3.0mm
  • Adapter Length: 2.3m
  • Package Inc.
     1 x AC Adapter
     1 x Power Cord With Plug
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ORG.Price: AU$ 38.29
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  • 4 Styles Power Cable for Choose(AU,UK,EU,US), Customer Choose EU Style Can Use It In France, German..
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plug for Australia Toshiba Laptop AC Aapter 15V 5A 75W  TOSHIBA15V5A75W-6.0 x 3.0mm Australia Toshiba Laptop AC Aapter 15V 5A 75W TOSHIBA15V5A75W-6.0 x 3.0mm

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